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 Students First

​We will ensure quality education for all our students enabling them to reach their full potential.​​​
Barrington Municipal Pool - Free Swim

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Inter-university Research Network Application for Funding
The Inter-university Research Network is currently inviting applications from Nova Scotia educators and University students and faculty for funding to support research on improving student achievement in Nova Scotia, including evidence-based ways to understand and redress the achievement gap.​

The application package outlines criteria that will be used by the Network to evaluate proposals and specifies the components that must be received with each application.
The deadline for receiving applications is August 19, 2016.
Questions about the funding applications can be directed to the Centre of Learning Excellence at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Education (902.424.5829)

About the Network
The Inter-university Research Network was a group formed in response to the Minister’s Action Plan for Education in Nova Scotia.

The mandate of the Network is to contribute to the knowledge base about the causes, effective interventions, and outcomes of initiatives targeting the Achievement Gap in Nova Scotia schools.

They will achieve their work by supporting and helping to mobilize knowledge from research conducted by Nova Scotian educators and University students and faculty.

Information about the grant and an application form is available at (and in French at


Approved Yarmouth County Catchment Areas for when the new Yarmouth Elementary School is completed and Arcadia Consolidated Elementary School closes.

Existing School Catchment Areas_020615.pdf

Revised - Proposed Catchment area for MGEC - YCMHS_020615.pdf

New Yarmouth Elementary-Comb ACES_PS - Jan 28, 2016.pdf


Parents and Guardians are encouraged to access our new Bus routing/Stop  information System (BusPlanner Web) accessed by clicking here.

Or available at

Parents/ Guardians /Students are reminded student’s should attend their respective Bus Stop 5 minutes before the Scheduled pickup. 

Please check frequently as changes are ongoing. Additional information or questions may be emailed through the Contact tab, please include all information.

Should there be difficulties with accessing through the Web, please contact the Transportation Dept. directly through 902-749-5174 or 902-749-5663.


Approved July 7, 2015 Board Meeting - TCRSB Long-Range Outlook

TCRSB Long-Range Outlook document 7 July 2015 Approved.pdf

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