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Important Note about the Outcomes

Outcomes, appearing in the same format as they appear in Gradebook, have been made available for teachers. Click on the desired file from the below list to open and access the outcomes in Microsoft Excel. For elementary and junior high teachers, the outcomes for each subject have been placed on a separate worksheet, so be sure to choose the appropriate worksheet based on the course outcomes you wish to work with. 

For senior high teachers, due to the vast number of courses, the courses have been placed on a single worksheet that spans over 12,000 rows. Use the 'Find' feature in Excel to search for the course number or course name. For example, if I wanted to locate the English Communications 11 outcomes, I could search for 'English_Communications 11'. This means knowing the exact spelling of the course name, but a teacher can see this by looking at their courses listed on the Start Page of PowerTeacher. 

As well, when you click one of the below links to open the file, a window may pop up prompting you to enter your username/password. You can choose to enter your TCRSB email account information, or you can simply click the 'cancel' button. If you choose to click cancel, the window may re-appear a few more times. Continue to click cancel until the excel file fully opens and you can see the outcomes.